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Interval, tempo and repeated workouts. Benefits and Differences

What are the benefits of interval training? What is the rest should be between the intervals and the difference between interval training from repeated.

The main advantages of interval running are improving running technique, running efficiency, increasing endurance, neuromuscular connections, increasing psychological resistance to heavy loads, which is so necessary at a distance of a marathon and a half marathon.

intracellular metabolic processes

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If you studied the lion’s share of training plans posted on the Internet or found in sports benefits, you noticed that among the frequently encountered works there is a “classic”. For example, 1,200 meters at a pace of competition for 5 kilometers with a 400-meter rest between repetitions. But why are these numbers exactly? In the case of such work, the goal is to increase your VO2 max or the amount of oxygen you can deliver to your muscles during fast work. This is really hard training. It works in this form – it improves the physical and mental ability to maintain a “comfortably heavy” pace.

What rest should be between intervals?

Changes in interval training usually result in less efficient work. For example, you might think that a shorter rest between repetitions is better. But this is an erroneous opinion, because too little recovery period means that you are using the wrong energy systems and types of muscle fibers; muscle acidification, lactate accumulation goes faster.

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With inadequate recovery between repetitions, fatigue will be stronger than necessary. Training will be held with less efficiency.

The recovery time between intervals should not be more than the time of running through the speed segment. For example, if you run 1 km in 4 minutes at the level of the IPC, then the rest will be 3-4 minutes, not longer.

Which short workout is best for you depends on what distance you plan to cover.

In order to really overload trenbolin the cardiovascular system, the interval of periodic load with oxygen consumption close to the maximum must have a duration of at least 2 minutes due to the lag of the cardiovascular reaction and the effect of myoglobin oxygen buffer

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Shorter intervals, for example, 1.5-2 minutes, also train the IPC, but only due to the fact that the body will not have time to fully recover during the rest, and with each new interval you will quickly reach the required level of IPC. Hence, for the development of maximum oxygen consumption, both Safest prohormone – Manhattan District Attorney\’s Office short intervals, 400-600 meters each, and longer ones, 800-1500 meters, are suitable if the latter does not exceed 5 minutes. In this case, the pace of the intervals, regardless of their length, should be the same.

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According to studies in rats, 8 weeks of interval training give more results than 8 weeks of uniform training, because they stimulate increased greater cardiac efficiency. Interval-trained hearts will reach a higher peak of the stroke volume when overloaded.

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Short intervals are segments of 100-400 m, which are performed at a pace of 1500 m or even faster. These types of training are best performed at the beginning of the training cycle in order to increase your "clean" speed, gradually moving to longer stretches for the development of speed endurance.

An example of short intervals: 12 repetitions of 300 m at a pace of a race at 1500 m with a rest between approaches of 200 m at a light pace.

What is running at a threshold pace?

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A tempo or threshold run is a run with uniform intensity at the level of the anaerobic threshold, or about 10% less than the maximum threshold. The correct threshold rate is in the range of 83-87% of your maximum oxygen consumption (MOC) or 88-92% of speed at MOC or HR Max.

Running at a threshold pace is a run that you can maintain for 60 minutes, such training improves your ability to run harder and longer.

During a tempo or threshold run, lactic acid builds up in the muscles, which ultimately leads to fatigue. Threshold run is used to increase endurance and increase the period of time during which you can maintain a relatively fast pace. The more you exercise, the higher you raise your “threshold” by reducing the level of lactate production and accelerating its neutralization. These types of workouts allow you to run longer and faster.

Training Example:

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After a short warm-up, do 2 intervals, 2 miles in length, at a threshold pace with a 2-minute rest between sets. Then run 8 miles at a light pace and another 2 miles at the threshold pace. It will be a great workout, but you shouldn’t do it more than once a month.

How natural steroids for sale is interval training different from repetitive?

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The main task of interval training is to improve the IPC. Repeated training develops primarily the speed of overcoming the distance.

intracellular metabolic processes

Re-training is the overcoming of several segments Testosterone propionate – instructions, price in pharmacies | Canah of constant length, which can be shorter, equal or longer than the competition distance. The pulse will be higher than when performing interval training and will depend on the competitive pulse at the main distance.

How much to include interval training in the training process?

Interval training in total may be about 8-10, some sources bring up to 20 percent of your weekly mileage. Moreover, interval training can be used every week, it can be standard intervals at the stadium or a fartlek over rough terrain.

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One interval training will give nothing – the cycle of interval training during the month brings a benefit, at the end of which a control run is held.

What happens to the body during interval training?

Improving the cardiovascular system by increasing the stroke volume of the heart and expanding the capillary network in the muscles, developing the ability to perform muscular work under aerobic conditions, increasing muscle glycogen and improving the intracellular metabolic processes associated with endurance work.

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What happens to the body when re-training?

An increase in muscle strength, the development of intracellular metabolic processes that provide high-intensity muscle activity in anaerobic conditions, an increase in the body’s ability to resist fatigue, in particular, the ability to endure unpleasant painful exhaustion.

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